Colombian woman faces 8 years in prison for Quarantine violation

Colombian woman faces 8 years in prison for Quarantine violation

A woman in Colombia, a Latin American country, was arrested and embarrassed on national television when she violated the mandatory quarantine to prevent the new Noval Coronavirus disease, Covid 19.

According to Colombian media, the woman and her US-born husband arrived in Bogota from California last week.

The couple was instructed to stay in a hotel in Quarantina for up to two weeks due to an outbreak of the Coronavirus in California.

But a few days later, they both appeared at a restaurant near the city, where they were arrested by police.

The woman did not show any signs of the disease, but she was wearing surgical masks and handcuffs and was placed in front of a TV camera with military officers.

Reporters and other media representatives were also present on the occasion, and the reason for doing so was to warn other people who are considering moving out of Quarantina.

The woman was told that she could face up to 4 to 8 years in prison, while her US citizenship could be punished for imprisonment and fine.

It is thought that a nationwide quarantine was implemented in Colombia on March 20 to prevent the Coronavirus, which will last for 19 days.

Medical staff, security forces, employees of rations and medical stores will be exempted from this.



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