Chinese Military Medical Team Appreciates NCOC's Efforts

Chinese Military Medical Team Appreciates NCOC's Efforts

Posted on May 19, 2020

A military medical team of Chinese medical experts praised the efforts of the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) in controlling the coronavirus in Pakistan.

A 10-member Chinese military team led by Major General Huang Chengzhen visited the National Command and Operations Center for Disease, Prevention, and Control.

The team was briefed on Pakistan's efforts so far in dealing with the global epidemic and its future course of action, including emergency response measures.


The visiting team was briefed on the TTQ strategy which is a milestone in Pakistan's national efforts in the field of COVID, with the extent and scale of targeted lockdowns and co-ordination efforts against COVID 19.

NCOC officials thanked the visiting team for their expertise and valuable suggestions, as well as the delegation for China's support in all aspects of the fight against the coronavirus. ۔

The Chinese medical team shared experiences with early detection of the virus, skin isolation, and skin treatment, which helped China control the epidemic.

The visiting team commended the NCOC for its national efforts with regard to the use of scientific methods, as suggested by health experts.

It may be recalled that the Chinese military medical team is on an official visit to Pakistan, which includes a number of specialists, including specialists in disease control, pulmonology, testing, and nursing.




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