Chinese experts propose extension of lockdown in Punjab for 28 days

Chinese experts propose extension of lockdown in Punjab for 28 days

Chinese doctors visiting Lahore have suggested the Punjab government to extend the existing lockdown of 28 days to protect the province from the coronavirus and have said that the sanctions will be lifted gradually and carefully, keeping in mind the situation.

The Chinese delegation led by Dr. Mamang Hui earlier this summer dismissed the rumors of the Coronavirus being overturned, saying that "the possibility of the Coronavirus spreading in hot weather cannot be ruled out and ignored."

A delegation of Chinese doctors and a chief nurse met with Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar on Sunday at the Chief Minister's Secretariat.

The meeting was attended by Health Secretary, Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid.

Chinese experts say social distance measures can play a key role in protecting people from the coronavirus.

He also suggested to the government that it would be more appropriate to have coronavirus patients admitted to the hospital or to a quarantine center rather than being kept at home.

Chinese doctors said plasma use has been found to be beneficial in saving the lives of patients with anxiety disorders.

He suggested that the use of three antiviral drugs has been useful for affected patients.

"Sometimes the symptoms of the coronavirus do not appear and those with a good immune system recover quickly, while a coronavirus can be dangerous for the elderly and those with other diseases," said one Chinese doctor.

Chinese experts also shared their observations and experiences with this meeting to help the government effectively deal with the pandemic and prevent its rapid spread.

He assured the Government of Punjab for all possible help in preventing and ending the outbreak.

Chief Minister Usman Buzdar and Health Minister Yasmin Rashid inquired from Chinese doctors about various issues related to the Coronavirus.

Usman Buzdar said the government would follow the suggestions and recommendations of the Chinese delegation.

The Chief Minister thanked the Chinese experts for their assurance of extending all kinds of cooperation and said that China has always been a very reliable friend of Pakistan and stands with it in any difficult situation.

The Chief Minister praised China for setting a precedent for the world by overcoming the Coronavirus in a short time and said that the government would benefit from the Chinese experience of protecting and eliminating people from pandemic diseases.

The Chief Minister said that 'the Chinese model is an effective model and is an example to effectively overcome and control this pandemic disease all over the world'.

Chinese doctors and experts said that the standard operating procedure (SOP) proved effective by the Punjab government in providing preventive measures and treatment facilities.

Timely steps will be beneficial and effective in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus, he said.

Muhammad Usman, Secretary, Punjab Primary and Secondary Health Care Department gave a briefing on the exact statistics of coronavirus patients in the province.

Meanwhile, a one-on-one meeting was held between the Chief Minister and the Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid, and the actions taken by Chinese doctors and specialists were discussed in the context of the Coronavirus or COVID 19.

Dr. Yasmin Rashid informed the Chief Minister of the Chinese model for controlling the outbreak.

Usman Buzdar directed that all necessary steps be taken to ensure the successful implementation of the Chinese model.

He said that the government would implement the Chinese model for the treatment of patients and take Chinese measures under the SOP of the Punjab government to control the outbreak.


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