China's richest man Jack Ma gifted face masks and coronavirus test kits to Pakistan

China's richest man Jack Ma gifted face masks and coronavirus test kits to Pakistan

Jack Ma, the richest gentleman in Asia and China, has said millions of face masks and coronavirus test kits to some Asian countries, including Pakistan.

This is part of Jack Ma's welfare determinations to confrontation the global outbreak, which has formerly provided face masks and kits in Europe and the United States.

Jack Ma, the founder of e-commerce company Alibaba, made a Twitter account this week, proclaiming that the Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation will be given that face masks and testing kits to some European nations, including the United States, Iran, and Italy. ۔

Now in his new tweet, Jack Ma said that Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, and Sri Lanka will be covered with face masks, along with security apparel, ventilators, and thermometers to prevent the virus. Testing kits will be provided.

It is to be noted that the scarcity of medical and protective devices around the world has also been encountered in developing countries.

In total, Jack Mae will be provided 18 million fee masks, more than 2 million test kits, 36,000 security apparel to Asian countries.

Jack Ma wrote that the delivery of these goods is not easy but we will do so fast.

On March 16, Jack Ma also announced the delivery of 20,000 test kits, one million masks and 1,000 safety apparel and fee shields to 54 African countries per country.

In his statement after joining Twitter on March 13, Jack Ma said: "From my country's experience, I can say that the speed and precision testing, the tools to protect the medical staff are all for preventing this virus. 

He said, "It is wished that these materials will help some people in the United States. This epidemic is a test for humanity. Today it is not a test that any country can tackle alone but in the hands of everyone." We need to get our hands on this, we should share our assets anonymously and give-and-take experiences and lessons to prevent the outbreak so that we can have a chance to defeat the tragedy. '

He concludes the statement, 'We can stand united, we will fall if divided'.


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