China reports no new coronavirus cases, offers medical aid overseas

China reports no new coronavirus cases, offers medical aid overseas

For the first time since the outbreak began late last year, China has not reported any new cases of domestic coronavirus for the first time, a milestone in the fight against the global epidemic.

The National Health Commission also said that the rate hike has decreased.

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This news was another sign of the country's success in controlling the spread of the virus, and has been willing to share that success with the rest of the world. Beijing has in recent times accelerated its efforts to position itself as a global leader and has offered doctors and specialists to traditional medicine specialists.

The National Health Commission said that the total number of casualties on the mainland was 3,245, while in Quad-19, eight people died on Wednesday. But the commission said 819 patients were discharged on the same day.

Officials said they expect the downward trend to continue.

"We expect new cases to stop appearing in the middle or late March," said Li Linjun, director of the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases in China by the middle of late March.

Authorities said that while 34 confirmed incidents have occurred in mainland China, the victims came from overseas.

In recent times, China has emphasized its efforts to fulfill its responsibilities as a member of the global community.

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Gang Shuang said at a news conference on Wednesday, "While doing everything possible to combat it at home, China is active in international cooperation and is helping other countries and international organizations more and more. Providing more support. "

Teams of Chinese specialists were sent to Italy, Iran, and Iraq, while medical supplies and other relief goods were sent to Europe and Africa, the gang said.

Prime Minister of China's State Council Li Kei Cheng late Wednesday said he had offered European Commission President Ursula Van der Leeen assistance to deal with the virus, while also emphasizing trade agreements.



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