China rejects Indian claim of having military equipment on Karachi ships

China rejects Indian claim of having military equipment on Karachi ships

Posted on Mar 6, 2020

ISLAMABAD: China strongly rejected India's claim that it had loaded goods on a detached Chinese shipping fleet for Karachi that violated sanctions for non-proliferation and export controls.

Speaking at a media briefing in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lijian Shao said, "India was detained on the ship going from China to Pakistan, but the auto-clearance on the plane, which India had claimed." That could be used in ballistic missiles, it was neither military equipment nor dual use under export control and non-proliferation.

He said China is a responsible country and adheres to international non-proliferation sanctions and global commitments.

A spokesman for the Chinese government added that the operators had informed the Indian authorities truthfully about the luggage on the ship, so there was nothing hidden or untrue.

Indian authorities arrested the Chinese merchant ship MVDA Su Yun at Dindial Port in early February and alleged that it contained an auto-cleave which was misidentified in the cargo manifesto.

Indian authorities claimed that the Auto Cleo could be used to build missiles.

The suspected cargo was then reviewed by a team from the Defense Research and Development Organization of India, a military research and development organization.

According to reports, India took steps against confidential information provided by a "third country" against India.



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