China plans to introduce new security rules for Hong Kong

China plans to introduce new security rules for Hong Kong

China has hinted at proposing a national security law for Hong Kong at its annual parliamentary session.

It should be noted that the move by China comes after anti-government protests last year, which could lead to further unrest in Hong Kong.

The Associated Press quoted China's state news agency as saying that the Chinese parliament would discuss the controversial new law at its annual meeting.

According to the report, the said law will be presented in the meeting of the National People's Congress.

An agenda was included in the preparation session of the Chinese parliament to review the bill on "improving the legal system for Hong Kong (semi-autonomous region) and establishing ways to enforce it."

It may be recalled that the city was handed over to China by the United Kingdom in 1991 and since then China has ruled here under the framework of 'One Country, Two Systems'.

In this regard, the South China Morning Post quoted sources as saying that the laws became relevant to ban separatist, foreign intervention, terrorism, and all provocative activities.
The aim is to overthrow the central government and prevent any outside interference in the former British colony.

China's Deputy Foreign Minister said that new measures are needed under the new situation and requirements, and some decisions have to be taken at the national level.

Johnny Patterson, director of the NGO Hong Kong Watch, said the decision to pass security legislation to make Hong Kong's legislature ineffective was "unprecedented and highly controversial."

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He said a broad interpretation of the law was that it signaled the end of Hong Kong.


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