China: Oil and Cargo Ships Collide, 14 People, Missing

China: Oil and Cargo Ships Collide, 14 People, Missing

Oil and cargo ships collided in China, setting the cargo ship on fire and leaving 14 people missing. The foreign news agency Reuters quoted Chinese state media as saying that the accident took place near Shanghai in which 14 people were missing.

Keep in mind that the oil tanker had 3,000 tons of oil. According to media reports, the oil tanker caught fire immediately after the accident. A video broadcast on state broadcaster shows Coast Guard emergency personnel arriving immediately after the crash and trying to put out the blaze, but the oil tanker sank.

According to media reports, the Shanghai Coast Guard emergency personnel rescued 3 people. Chinese media said 14 people were still missing and rescue efforts were underway. However, no further information was provided about the accident and the cause of the accident was not disclosed.

A U.S. warship and a tanker collided in eastern Singapore waters in August 2017, leaving 10 U.S. Navy personnel missing and five injured. Earlier, in June 2017, seven people were killed in a collision between the USS Fitzgerald and the cargo ship of the Philippines.

The bodies of the victims, aged between 19 and 37, were recovered by divers a day later.


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