China: Lockdown ends after 76 days in Wuhan, central city of Corona virus

China: Lockdown ends after 76 days in Wuhan, central city of Corona virus

Chinese government abolished an 11-week-long lockdown from Wuhan, the central city of the Coronavirus when conditions improved.

According to a Foreign News Agency (AP) report, Chinese authorities have allowed the public to resume activities in a city with a population of more than 10 million and also removed restrictions on entry and exit into the city.

It is to be noted that the Chinese government had taken security measures after the Coronavirus came out in December last year and locked down Wuhan's city and restricted the movement of its citizens to homes.

The number of Coronavirus cases in China reached 82,000, the highest ever, but now more than 100,000 victims have been confirmed in the United States, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany.

The Coronavirus killed 3,000 people in China, and now the government has decided to end the lockdown after no cases have been reported.

The Chinese newspaper 'People's Daily' reported in its report that 'the day people have been waiting for and the day they are passionate about has arrived but this is not the last victory'.

"We still need to remember that Wuhan is open on which we can be happy but we should not rest," the report said.

On the eve of the sanctions from Wuhan, security personnel and security personnel were seen patrolling outside the Hankow railway station in specific attire, and guards briefed people on internal and external routes.

According to reports, advertisements for tickets from Wuhan to other cities were advertised on electronic billboards in which the first train will leave Beijing at 6 am for 25 minutes.



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