China: Coronavirus confirmed in baby 30 hours after birth

China: Coronavirus confirmed in baby 30 hours after birth

Posted on Feb 6, 2020

Chinese doctors say the Coronavirus can transmit an infected pregnant woman even before childbirth, and a baby born February 2 comes 30 hours after the virus came out positive.

According to a foreign news agency 'Reuters' report from China's state-owned Broadcasting Agency (CCTV), doctors at Wuhan Children's Hospital said that the virus could be transmitted from the infected mother before the baby is born.

Doctors said the infant had a baby on February 2, and the newborn was tested for Coronavirus just 30 hours later, which came out positive.

Wuhan city was the worst affected by the Coronavirus and was also designated the centre, but after the Coronavirus spread outside Azan China and the number of casualties so far has reached close to 500.

The Coronavirus has recorded more than 24,324 victims.

Doctors at Wuhan Children's Hospital quoted the newborn as saying their condition was fine, there were no fever and coughing effects but breathing difficulties and chest x-ray infection were seen, as well as liver problems.

The hospital's chief physician, Dr. Zheng Linkong, said: 'This case is giving us full attention regarding the transmission of the virus from mother to child, which is a possible way to transmit the virus'.

According to a report from Wuhan Children's Hospital, another case of the newborn virus has also surfaced, but the baby was born healthy on January 13 and came a few days later and the mother was diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

Doctors said the symptoms of the virus began to appear on January 29 in the baby.

Dr Zeng Linkong said, "We cannot conclude in this regard whether the virus came from the mother of the child and then to the newborn, but we can confirm that the child was connected to the virus. That means newborns can be affected too. '

Referring to the health of the infected newborn, he explained that none of the children exposed so far was in danger.

It is thought that hundreds of people have been killed by the virus that spread to China late last year, and according to the latest reports, 65 more people have been killed in China, after which the number has reached 490.

Coronavirus cases have been reported from many other countries, not from China, which has raised global concern, while 10 people were confirmed on the ship carrying 3,711 people. They have since been placed in Quarantina on the Japanese coast.

Japanese authorities begin testing all aboard a ship after a virus was confirmed in a former Hong Kong passenger last day.


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