China develops corona vaccine, trial fee in Pakistan

China develops corona vaccine, trial fee in Pakistan

Posted on Apr 23, 2020

ISLAMABAD: (Dunya) China has developed a vaccine for the corona virus, a human trial has been decided in Pakistan. According to the report, China has discovered the cure for the dangerous enemy of humanity, COVID 19, which has locked down the whole world.

A letter from GM Lee Kahn of Chinese medical and healthcare group Sino Farm International Corporation to Prof. Dr. Amir Ikram, Executive Director of the National Institute of Health Pakistan, states that the early vaccine to control the coronavirus It is important to develop, pharmaceutical companies around the world are working on an emergency basis to develop a vaccine for coronavirus, we are confident that Pakistan will adopt a similar attitude, hopefully, a successful clinical trial of corona vaccine, As a result, Pakistan will be one of the first countries in the world to have a vaccine Use will begin.

The letter further stated that SinoFarm believes that the National Institute of Health Pakistan, with the help of a partner, is capable of conducting clinical trials of the coronavirus vaccine, but to achieve this goal, SinoForm and the National Institute of Health Pakistan An agreement is needed between the two countries on an urgent basis. Dr. Amir Ikram, Executive Director, National Institute of Health, also confirmed the development of Corona Vaccine and said that the vaccine manufactured in China would be immediately provided to Pakistan for clinical trials. He added that the vaccine would be launched in three to four months after a clinical trial. Remember, the only thing left to do in Pakistan is to go through the procedure.



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