Chilean airplane disappears on its way to Antarctica

Chilean airplane disappears on its way to Antarctica

Santiago: The South American country's Chilean airplane disappears on its way to Antarctica.

According to the International News Agency, the Chilean Air Force said that the Hercules C-130 aircraft had flown for Antarctica base and that it had 38 people on board, including 35 soldiers.

The plane had been in contact for about an hour and a half and had just made it halfway to the destination that it was disconnected on Antarctica. Chilean authorities issued an alert and dispatched a rescue team to search the plane, but no trace has been found yet. A ship is also participating in the search operation.

The aircraft was comprised of 32 Air Force personnel, 3 Army, one scientist and 2 passengers belonging to a company. The men were going to a Chilean military base in Antarctica to look after the facilities.

It should be noted that Antarctica is the southernmost continent of the Rough World, where the South Pole is located. There is no permanent human settlement and only scientists from different countries reside for scientific experiments.



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