Channel 4 Has Sparked Controversy and Debate With a Deepfake Video of the Queen

Channel 4 Has Sparked Controversy and Debate With a Deepfake Video of the Queen

Posted on Dec 31, 2020

Britain's private Channel4 recently aired a parody video of the Queen using Deepfake technology over Christmas, which is now facing criticism.

According to the British newspaper The Independent, Channel 4 had aired a parody video copying the Queen's address to the nation every year on Christmas Eve, on which people have complained to the government. The UK-based watchdog of other media, including TV channels, has received at least 214 complaints against Channel Four. Officials at Ofcom confirmed receiving complaints against Channel Four but said it had not yet been decided what action to take against the channel.

Following the release of a fake parody video made by Channel Four, people said that the video shows how easy it is to spread false information, and watching the video will encourage those who spread false information and they Will work the same way. However, according to the management of Channel Four, the video is a means to understand the deep fake technology or misinformation that looks like reality.

The video, which was aired on Channel Four's parody of the Queen of Britain, featured a woman posing as Queen of the United Kingdom using deep-faked technology. In the short video, the woman spoke in the style of the Queen of Great Britain, talking about the problems of the royal family and the resignation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. At the same time, the woman who looks like the Queen of Great Britain in the video also spoke about the scandal of allegations of rape of women against Prince Andrew.

At the end of the video, a woman who looks like the Queen of Britain is shown dancing in a tic-tac-toe style, but at the end, the real woman who looks like a queen is also shown. Channel 4 made the video after the Queen addressed the BBC on her annual Christmas Eve a few days ago. In her annual address, the Queen spoke of the services of health volunteers working on the front lines, including the Corona epidemic.

It should be noted that the Queen of England gives her message to the nation on TV every year on Christmas day and this has been going on for at least a decade, however, the Queen of Britain gave her first address in 1957. Before the advent of TV and before the Queen of Britain, the King of the British Empire used to send messages to the nation on Christmas Eve, but after the improvement of TV technology in 1950, the Queen of Britain started sending messages on TV.


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