British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hospitalized due to Coronavirus

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hospitalized due to Coronavirus

Posted on Apr 6, 2020

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues to suffer from coronavirus symptoms and is now in hospital 10 days after the virus was diagnosed.
However, a statement from Downing Street (Prime Minister's Office) stated that he had the head of the government.

Sources in the British government said that the Prime Minister was still in the hospital and he spent the night in the hospital.

Boris Johnson is believed to have had a positive Coronavirus test last month, after which he was isolated in Downing Street, but as the fever continued to remain high, doctors decided to do some more tests on which he was given Sunday night. Was taken to hospital.

According to a report by foreign news agencies, the statement from the Downing Street office stated that "on the direction of his physician, the Prime Minister has gone to the hospital for further tests tonight".

The statement added, "This is a precautionary measure as the Prime Minister is still experiencing the symptoms of the Coronavirus 10 days after being diagnosed with the Coronavirus."

Remember that Boris Johnson, 55, was diagnosed with the Coronavirus on March 27, and thus became the world's first power leader affected by the outbreak.

After being diagnosed with the virus, he was isolated in an apartment on Downing Street, and on Friday, he said he had a fever, so he stayed there.

A statement from Downing Street said it was not a case of hospitalization in an emergency and that Boris Johnson is still running the government.

In this regard, sources said that Secretary of State Dominic Rob will head the government's emergency meeting on COVID-19.

The Coronavirus is believed to have infected more than 12,77,000 people and killed more than 69,000 worldwide.

There have been 48,440 cases of Coronavirus in the UK so far, of which 4,943 have died and 299 have been cured.

It should be remembered that the British prince Charles was also infected with the Coronavirus, but fortunately, he was cured of the disease in just five days.


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