British MPs seek response from UK government over Delhi riots

British MPs seek response from UK government over Delhi riots

Posted on Mar 5, 2020

London: In a recent riot in Delhi that killed 45 people, British lawmakers have called on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to provide details of talks with the Indian government on the matter.

Sikh MPs Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi and Preet Gill Kaur criticized the Indian government over the Delhi riots.

Meanwhile, while asking immediate questions from FCO representatives in the parliament, Labor Party member Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi said that the recent riots in Delhi had 'brought back painful memories'.

He said, "When I was studying in India (then) in 1984 as a religious minority (I) saw the genocide of Sikhs, addressing the speaker, he said that we need to learn from history, Do not be fooled by those who intend to divide society (and who) are slaughtered in the name of religion and destroying religious places.

"I ask the Minister what message did he give to his Indian counterpart on the atrocities committed on Indian Muslims?"

Labor Party MP Preet Gill Kaur also inquired: 'Can the Minister explain what steps he has taken to ensure that all ethnic and religious minorities in India consider themselves safe and free from oppression?

In addition, a Member of Parliament Khalid Mahmood also asked what the British government was doing in response to the riots in Delhi.

Khalid Mahmood said the riots were 'alarming' and warned that national registration of citizens would be made under the Indian Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, after which the accused would be deported after being kept in detention centres.

He said that Narendra Modi's actions were moulding his slogan 'Hindus of India' as 'hateful nationalist atrocities'.

Khalid Mehmood told the House that Muslims continued to be tortured and killed on the streets while police did nothing and 'Modi took advantage of the election victory.'

Responding to questions, Minister of State for FCO Nigel Adams said, "The British High Commission in New Delhi and our Deputy High Commissioner across India have a diplomatic network related to the recent riots in India and the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019. Is closely examining matters. '

He added, "The incidents in Delhi last week were very worrying and the situation is still tense. The death of a protestor is also very high. We call on all parties to maintain restraint and trust the Indian government." That she will remove the concerns of people of all faiths in India ”.

It is thought that riots started in New Delhi during protests against the new controversial citizenship law in which about 40 people were killed and hundreds injured while shops, houses, schools, mosques and vehicles were set on fire.


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