Blind Pakistani Girl Likely to Reach Final of British Music Show

Blind Pakistani Girl Likely to Reach Final of British Music Show

For the first time, a Pakistani-born girl, Sirine Jahangir, is expected to appear in the British talent show 'Bretain Got Talent', which is held every year in the European country of Britain.

More interestingly, the Pakistani girl who will probably reach the final of the show is visually impaired and will become the first Asian to receive the award. According to the British broadcaster BBC, 10 performers will arrive in the grand finale of 'Breton Got Talent', out of which the winner will be given a sum of two and a half million Euros.

The final of 'Breton Got Talent' will take place on October 10 this month and 5 of the 10 candidates or teams will be selected by the judges of the show for the final, while 5 will make it to the final through the public vote. The judges of the final of 'Breton Got Talent' have selected 5 candidates or teams, among whom there is a possibility of a tough competition during the grand finale.

Although the judges of the show have selected all the 5 candidates or teams, the finalists have not been announced yet and it is believed that they will be announced 2 days before the final. According to the BBC, considering the performances of 'Breton Got Talent' shows so far and the opinion of the judges including the public vote, it is estimated that the 14-year-old singer of Pakistani origin Sirine Jahangir, who is blind, will also reach the final. ۔

Serene Jahangir first appeared in 'Breton Got Talent' on May 16 this year and she surprised everyone during her introduction. Introducing herself on the show, the visually impaired Sirine Jahangir described herself as a music lover and hoped that she would make a new history by winning the final of 'Breton Got Talent'.

After the opening session, Sirine Jahangir reached the semi-finals, beating her rivals in one session after another, and she stunned everyone with her performance in the semi-finals of 'Breton Got Talent' on September 19 last month. Sirine Jahangir drove everyone crazy by singing 'Carry You' in the semi-finals on September 19.

Sirin Jahangir was born in London and her parents have lived in the UK for decades. Sirin Jahangir's grandfather, Sahibzada Jahangir, is a supporter of Pakistan's ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party and is currently in Prime Minister Imran Khan's Europe. I am also a business consultant. During the performance of the song, Sirine Jahangir became emotional and she became emotional even before the end of the song, after which all the judges and fans of the program stood up and applauded for her.

In the semi-finals of 'Breton Got Talent', Sirine Jahangir was brought on stage by her father in front of the piano and her mother, brother and other family members were also present in the show. The judges of the show praised Serene Jahangir for her brilliant performance in the semi-finals and called her the queen of magical performances and a unique singer.

It is believed that Serene Jahangir will get the required number of votes from the fans online to reach the final of 'Breton Got Talent' due to the praise from the fans and judges in the semi-finals It is too early to say. Serene Jahangir is the first Pakistani-born singer to reach the semi-finals of 'Breton Got Talent' and she is also the first blind girl to reach the semi-finals.

If she reaches the final of 'Breton Got Talent', she will make a new history and if she wins the show's final, she will not only win a good prize but also the beginning of her new life. She will also be honored with a unique award.


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