Bernie Sanders withdrawn from US presidential race

Bernie Sanders withdrawn from US presidential race

Posted on Apr 9, 2020

Bernie Sanders, who has been involved in the race for Democrats against US President Donald Trump, has withdrawn, following which former Vice President Joe Biden has become a strong candidate.

According to reports from foreign agencies, Bernie Sanders was considered a strong candidate for the Democrats, but withdrawal means those who consider Biden a better candidate.

According to the report, elected senators from the US state of Vermont initially emerged as strong Democrats in 2016 but failed to gain strong support.

When the 78-year-old US Senator launched a recent campaign, he was being asked whether he would regain the support of the party administration he had contested in the last campaign against Hillary Clinton.

It is to be noted that despite winning for the candidate from 22 states in 2016, he could not be guaranteed to be nominated for the presidential candidate, which was one of the reasons for being the youngest candidate.

However, he did a great campaign that garnered the support of young voters, and he was able to support various communities, including the African-American community.

Joe Biden's reaction

Democrat candidate Joe Biden praised Bernie Sanders' decision in a statement on social networking site Twitter.

Joe Biden urged voters to prepare Sanders for their campaign.

He said, 'I saw you, heard and I understand what to do for this country'.

In response to Sanders' decision, Biden said, "I hope you will join me, you will be welcomed because you need to."

On the other hand, US President Donald Trump in his tweet said that the race for the Democrats' presidential candidate is over, as the Democrats and Democratic National Committee wanted.

Bernie Sanders supporters should join the Republican Party, he said.


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