Beijing will always stand with Pakistan, Chinese President

Beijing will always stand with Pakistan, Chinese President

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that the special friendship between Pakistan and China is a historical choice because people of both countries have a deep affection for each other.

During the meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Dr. Arif Alvi, the Chinese President said, "We want to see a united and strong Pakistan with stability and prosperity".

Shi Jinping said, "It does not matter how the international scenario changes but China will always stand firm with Pakistan".

He added that China will remain committed to deep friendship and enhance strategic cooperation.

The Chinese President made it clear that China supported Pakistan in every possible way to advance its constructive role in regional and international affairs.

Shi Jinping called the visit of his Pakistani counterpart Dr Arif Alvi crucial and said that the Chinese people are trying to win the final against the Coronavirus.

He said President Arif Alvi's presence in China was "a sign of our strong support and deep friendship with the Chinese people."

Continuing his speech, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that when China was fighting the epidemic, the Pakistani government and the people tried to donate to China, to which we are deeply grateful.


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