Bangladesh: Workers protest for wage during lockdown

Bangladesh: Workers protest for wage during lockdown

Thousands of laborers working in garment factories in Chittagong, Bangladesh, protested for work and wages during lockdown because of the Coronavirus.

Bangladesh is second only to China in the garment sector in the world, but exports due to the Coronavirus are expected to lose $ 6 billion in the fiscal year, according to Reuters.

According to the report, retailers located within Bangladesh and orders from around the world have been canceled by the companies.

The number of Coronavirus cases in Bangladesh is estimated to be 2,144, while 84 victims have been killed.

Steps are being taken to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus worldwide and people are being asked to keep distance, but protesters in Bangladesh overturned the directive to keep a distance.

People protesting in Chittagong's streets say they are still waiting for last month's pay.

Police officer Mohammad Zamiruddin said police had spoken to a factory owner and assured them of the payments before April 28.

According to the report, the Bangladeshi government announced a $ 28 crore 80 lacs package last month to help companies looking at the damage caused by the Coronavirus so that employees could be paid salaries in this epidemic situation.

Factory owners, on the other hand, said the package was insufficient for them.

The Bangladesh government also deployed troops on the streets to prevent and disperse people from social events and ensure lockdown.

Coronavirus cases in Bangladesh are still low compared to other countries, but clinicians warn that Corona's outbreak is spreading in South Asia



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