Ban on Hezbollah in Germany, raids on mosques

Ban on Hezbollah in Germany, raids on mosques

Germany has imposed a complete ban on Lebanon's Iranian-backed Hezbollah movement on its soil and police have raided mosques affiliated with the organization.

According to a report by the foreign news agency AFP, like the European Union, Germany had so far banned the military wing of Hezbollah while the political wing was allowed to operate.

However, he abruptly changed his stance, calling the entire movement a "terrorist organization."

Germany's move was immediately backed by the United States and Israel.

The German Interior Ministry said, "Hezbollah is a terrorist organization involved in kidnappings and numerous attacks around the world."

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry said in a tweet that the ban on all activities of the organization in Germany would take effect immediately.

"Even in this time of crisis, the rule of law will prevail," he said, adding that raids were being carried out at various places across the country.

According to German media reports, dozens of police and special forces personnel raided Hezbollah-affiliated mosques in Bremen, Berlin, Dortmund, and Minster this morning.

An AFP correspondent observed that the Al-Arshad Mosque in Berlin was sealed off and at least 16 police vehicles were parked outside, while masked police officers were returning to the mosque.

Hezbollah does not have much influence in Germany, but security forces estimate that it has thousands of members in the country.

According to the German security forces, Germany is considered a safe haven for Hezbollah's plans, recruitment of sympathizers, and fundraising.

In an interview with a German newspaper, German Interior Minister C. Hofer said that "the organization's criminal activities and attacks were being planned on German soil."


He reminded that Hezbollah has openly called for the "destruction" of the Israeli state.

"It is part of our historic responsibility to take action against it under the rule of law," he said, accepting responsibility for the Holocaust from Germany during World War II.



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