Babar Azam, the Captain of National Team, Has Been Charged With Sexual Misconduct

Babar Azam, the Captain of National Team, Has Been Charged With Sexual Misconduct

A Lahore resident has leveled other serious allegations against national cricket team captain Babar Azam, including having relation for 10 years. A woman named Hameeza made serious allegations against Babar Azam in a press conference held at Lahore Press Club yesterday.

The woman said that the purpose of the conference was to expose her financial and sexual abuse. She said that it was not an ordinary person who was abusing her but Babar Azam who is currently the captain of the Pakistani cricket team. A woman named Hameeza said that she has been associated with Babar Azam since the time when she had no connection with the world of cricket and she belongs to a poor family.

He said that Babar Azam and he lived in the same neighborhood and also studied in the same school. We had a very good friend because of living in the same neighborhood. Hameza says that Babar Azam and I lived in the same neighborhood and grew up together. He was my schoolfellow and we had a very good friendship. Hameza alleged that in 2010 Babar Azam came to my house and proposed to me which I accepted. Over time, our friendship grew and we decided to get married, and informed the families of his decision. During 2011, Babar chased me out of my house and kept me in rented houses under the pretext of court marriage.

According to the victim, when he insisted on marrying Babar, Babar replied that the situation was not good and after a while, we would get married. During the press conference, Hameeza's lawyer said that an FIR had been lodged with the CCPO Lahore but no action had been taken. The harassment case will be heard on December 5. On the other hand, on the allegations of a girl named Hameeza, PCB media director Samiul Hassan said that this is a private matter of Babar, we cannot comment on it.


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