Ayman Khan is the most followed Pakistani on Instagram

Ayman Khan is the most followed Pakistani on Instagram

Posted on Apr 27, 2020

Famous actress Ayman Khan has become the most popular Pakistani actress followed on Instagram.

She is the first Pakistani actress to be followed by 5.9 million fans on Instagram, surpassing all other actresses in the entertainment industry.

Before Ayman Khan, the award went to Mahira Khan, which is currently followed by 5.8 million fans.

Apart from Ayman, his twin sister actress Manal Khan is also not far behind in this race. The number of her fans on Instagram has reached 4.9 million so far.

Ayman Khan's husband actor Muneeb Butt also congratulated her on being the most followed on Instagram.

In his Insta Story, Muneeb Butt wrote that Ayman is the most followed person in Pakistan.

On the other hand, actress Ayman Khan also thanked her fans on social media after receiving the award.

Thanking the fans, Ayman also shared a beautiful photo with his daughter Amal.

Remember that Ayman Khan is very active on her Instagram account.

She often shares photos of her daughter with fans as well as romantic photos with her husband Muneeb Butt.

If we take a look at Ayman Khan's career, the actress started her career with the 2012 drama 'Mohabbat Bhaar Mein Jaaye'.

She has acted in dramas like 'Man Mail', 'Katni Garhin Baaki Hai', 'Ghar Tatli Ka Par', 'Ishq Tamasha' and 'Bandi'.

Ayman Khan started a new life journey in 2018 by marrying actor Muneeb Butt.


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