Assets case; Shahbaz Sharif's appearance before NAB

Assets case; Shahbaz Sharif's appearance before NAB

ISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader of the National Assembly and PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif has apologized for re-appearing despite the NAB's assurance of security arrangements in front of Corona.

A statement from PML-N spokesperson Maryam Aurangzeb has been released from Shahbaz Sharif's Twitter account, stating that Shahbaz Sharif is not appearing before the NAB due to the dangers of the Coronavirus. Information obtained from the UK and based on a memorandum of understanding has been provided with documents, any further information will be provided if requested. If you would like to ask more questions via video conference, a Skype address has been provided.

The PML-N spokesperson said that Shahbaz Sharif has undergone cancer surgery, as a result of which he may be infected with the coronavirus due to lack of immunity. Shahbaz Sharif's request to the NAB also includes certificates of all doctors. Earlier, it was requested that Shahbaz Sharif's life should not be endangered in the current situation.

It may be recalled that the NAB had summoned Shahbaz Sharif on April 17 in the Excess Assets case but he had submitted a written reply and he himself did not appear due to the coronavirus situation. After which NAB sent a notice to Shahbaz Sharif to appear again on April 22.



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