Asian countries suffer from Corona again due to external cases

Asian countries suffer from Corona again due to external cases

Asian countries are once again suffering from epidemic attacks from China, as well as other Asian countries due to external cases of corona virus originating from China.

Although the outbreak of the global outbreak began in China in December 2019, cases of corona virus have been seen in other Asian countries, including China, over the past few weeks.

Although China had the highest number of cases in the early weeks, the number of cases began to decline from the beginning of March, and a new case for the first time since December 2019 from Wuhan.

Similarly, although the highest number of cases were initially reported in the South Asian country, the number of new cases of Corona decreased at the beginning of March, but now again the two Asian countries, including the aforementioned, have been exposed to Corona. New cases are encountered.

According to the British Broadcasting BBC, Asian countries such as China, South Korea, and Singapore are experiencing coronavirus attacks for the second time in a short time, and this time Asian countries are facing not just localized cases but external cases.

The report said that while no new Corona case was reported in Wuhan, China on March 19, 34 new cases were reported in China that same day, all of them arriving in China from overseas.

That is, the virus was diagnosed in foreigners and Chinese coming from overseas rather than locally infected with Corona in China.



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