Asian countries face rising corona cases, World Health Organization

Asian countries face rising corona cases, World Health Organization

Posted on Mar 18, 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned Asian countries to take more action, warning them of the Corona cases.

Southeast Asia's regional head, Dr. Poonam Khetarpal Singh, says the Asian countries, especially the Southeast region, are currently facing rising corona cases.

The statement from the World Health Organization regional head comes at a time when Corona cases have also been seen in the South Asian region, including the Southeast.

Corona cases have seen a sharp rise in Southeast Asian and South Asian countries since last week, and now the number of Corona cases in Indonesia has increased to 172 in the afternoon of March 18, 177 in Thailand, 10 in Bangladesh, and 44 in Sri Lanka.

Similarly in South Asian countries, especially in Pakistan, Coronavirus cases were seen this week and twice more cases were reported in just three days and the number of confirmed cases in Pakistan increased by the afternoon of March 18 had reached 246.

Similarly, the number of Corona cases in India has also increased to 144, and the countries in Asia where Corona cases are increasing rapidly include Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

Asian countries include countries such as China and Iran where there have been many reports of Corona cases and Corona originated from China, but in recent times there has been a sharp decline in Corona cases and now there are reports of cases. The relationship is with people coming from abroad.


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