Arab League urges to stop 'external interference' in Libya

Arab League urges to stop 'external interference' in Libya

Posted on Jan 1, 2020

The Arab League has called for the 'blocking of external interference' in Tripoli in the context of the Turkish military and maritime agreements with the UN-recognized Libyan government.

According to foreign news agency AFP, at a meeting in Cairo's headquarters on Egypt's request, permanent representatives of the Arab League approved the resolution, stressing the need to prevent 'external interference'. "This intervention may help facilitate the arrival of foreign extremists in Libya".

The resolution also raised serious concerns over the deterioration of the situation by the deployment of additional troops to Libya and threatened the security and stability of neighbouring countries and the entire region.

UN's Libyan delegation, Gusan Salami, said the agreements between the Turkish and Tripoli governments are likely to escalate the devastating conflict in the North African country.

It is understood that after the ousting of power in 2011 by Muammar Gaddafi, a long-time ruler in Libya, the atmosphere of chaos in the country increased further.

Since 2014, there have been state-level conflicts in the western and eastern parts of Libya, which also have the support of various militants and tribes.

ISIS is also in control of the extremist organization in many parts of Libya.

It should be noted that in November, Ankara signed a maritime jurisdiction agreement with Tripoli, including security and military cooperation.

In addition, Turkey is preparing to vote in parliament to deploy troops to support the GNA.

Egypt said in a letter sent to the UN last week that it considered the agreements between Ankara and Tripoli "out of date and legally ineffective."

Cairo added that the deployment of foreign troops to Libya was in violation of the UN arms embargo, resulting in a revolt.




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