Anti-government protests intensify in Iraqi youth

Anti-government protests intensify in Iraqi youth

Baghdad: Slower Iraqi youths intensify protests at the slow pace of the government's reform program, burning tires and blocking roads and threatening further provocation if demands are not approved.

 According to the report, these protest rallies started in October last year, with demands for the correctness of the system's rule, but it was significantly reduced due to ongoing tensions between the US and Iran.

Protesters fear that Iraq may be caught in geopolitical tensions, so last Monday the government was given a week to make progress on reforms promises.

On Sunday, a day before the aforementioned deadline, hundreds of youths arrived at the central protest camp at Baghdad's Tehran Chowk and Tehrik Chowk.

Where they burned tires and closed highways and bridges, forcing cars to return and causing traffic jams throughout the city.

Medical and security sources said that when security forces tried to end the sit-in by burning tear gas shells, the protesters responded with stones, resulting in injuries to 10 people, including police officers.



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