Animated Film 'light Air' Banned for Showing Gay Couple in 14 Countries

Animated Film 'light Air' Banned for Showing Gay Couple in 14 Countries

At least 14 countries, including China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and Lebanon, have banned Disney Pixar's soon-to-be-released animated film 'Light Air' for showing gay couples. 

Kardi According to the news agency 'Reuters', Chinese officials also expressed anger over the scenes and story of the animated adventure action film 'Light Air' which will be released worldwide on 16th June and ordered the removal of unsuitable scenes from the film team. Yes, which the film team immediately denied. Chinese officials have not exactly banned "light air", but have stated that it will not be allowed to be show in public due to the presence of homosexual scenes, which are against government policy.

 Apart from China, the UAE government has also clearly banned the screening of the film, announcing the scenes to be against government policy.

 UAE officials did not explicitly resist homosexuality in the film, but said it was against government policy and social values.

 Other Middle Eastern countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Indonesia and Malaysia, have also banned Light Air screenings, although they have not explicitly announced a ban on the film. 

Homosexuality is considered taboo in many countries, including China, and such trends are discouraged in dramas, including movies.

 In addition, like other Islamic countries, homosexuality is considered a vice in the Middle East and such tendencies are discouraged by declaring them against social values.

 Even before 'Light Air', several films have been banned in many conventional countries and Islamic countries, including China, for showing gay couples and other nude scenes.

 Light Air is a novelisation to Disney Pixar's most successful animated film, Toy Story, and features two women as a lesbian couple. The film represents scenes of kissing between the two women, which has led to bans in many countries.


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