Amir Gilani Graduated in Law

Amir Gilani Graduated in Law

Posted on May 31, 2022

Leading model and actor Ameer Gilani has graduated in law from a well-known American law college, on which fans, including showbiz personalities, have congratulated him. Ameer Gilani has been seen away from modelling and acting for some time now, as he was graduating from Harvard University's Law College in the United States.

The model and actor shared photos taken during the graduation convocation ceremony on Instagram on May 29, informing friends and fans that they have completed their education.

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He described graduation as the most important and happiest day of his life and wrote that he had never been happier before today. He also thanked friends, fans and classmates, including parents and close relatives, for their support in graduating from LAW.

He also thanked God for completing his graduation and said that of course, he completed the journey with the prayers of fans and friends, including his hard work. Several showbiz personalities congratulated Ameer Gilani on his posting of graduation and fans also wished him well.

Fellow actress Mawra Hacane also congratulated Ameer Gilani on his graduation and ordered him to return to the country soon to have a party. Ameer Gilani thanked Mawra Hacane for her comments and replied that he would definitely come to the country and give her a party and that all this was possible only because of his prayers.

In the comments of Mawra Hacane on Ameer Gilani's post, some people even said that they are friends with him and some girls also wrote to the actress as Aunty and suggested to Ameer Gilani to stay away from Aunty Mawra.





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