Amber Heard's Statements in the Violence Case Are Also Complete

Amber Heard's Statements in the Violence Case Are Also Complete

The statements of his ex-wife Amber Heard were also completed in the compensation case filed by the well-known Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, against the British newspaper 'The Sun' in April 2018. Prior to Amber Heard, Johnny Depp's statements were completed on July 14, and his ex-wife began recording her statements on July 20. According to the showbiz website Variety, Amber Heard completed her statements on July 27, after which the lawyers of the British newspaper 'The Sun' started giving final arguments.

Actor Johnny Depp did not attend the hearing on the last day of Amber Heard's statements, having previously appeared in court during all hearings. On the last day, Amber Heard told the court that her ex-husband had been torturing her and as soon as she was tortured, she would inform her mother about it via mobile message. Amber Heard had earlier admitted in court that she had once beaten her ex-husband, Johnny Depp because she feared her husband would push her sister.

At the same time, Amber Heard had made serious allegations against Johnny Depp in court, saying that her ex-husband had tortured her so much that she often thought she would die. Amber Heard told the court that her husband used to threaten her to rape other men. According to Amber Heard, Johnny Depp used to tell her that he would tarnish her face with violence so much that no one would love her in the future.

Amber Heard also denied allegations by her husband that she had illicit sex with other men. Earlier, Johnny Depp told the court that he had abused his wife, not his ex-wife. Johnny Depp had told the court that Amber Heard had amassed wealth and fame by marrying him under an agenda. After the statements of both, the actors were completed, on July 27 and 28, the female lawyer of the British newspaper 'The Sun' gave her final arguments and called Johnny Depp a man who abused women and hated women.

According to Variety, The Sun newspaper's lawyer Sasha Wasa claimed that Johnny Depp is addicted to drugs and after taking drugs he has no control over himself, after which he attacks others like crazy. According to the British newspaper Evening Standards, the final cross-examination between Johnny Depp's lawyers and the newspaper's lawyers took place on July 28, and both accused each other of a lack of evidence.

Johnny Depp's lawyers told the court that the witnesses presented by Amber Heard and the newspaper did not have any evidence of their own, they were only presenting what Amber Heard had said as evidence.


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