Allow Huawei to work on 5G networks in the UK

Allow Huawei to work on 5G networks in the UK

The UK has confirmed that it has allowed Huawei to operate 5G networks in its territory despite US pressure.

The decision was made after several months of consultation and allowed Huawei to be involved in the creation of 5GB networks, but would not be allowed to work on key parts.

According to the BBC, the Chinese company will be allowed to work with sanctions to set up 5G networks but will not be allowed to work on sensitive parts.

Huawei will be allowed to operate mainly on 35% of the 5G network supply kit, including radio mounts, while it will not be allowed to operate near military and nuclear installations.

Huawei UK head Viktor Zeng said in a statement: "After the British government's confirmation, we will be able to continue to work for our customers with the introduction of our FIVE G".

He said this would give the UK access to this technology and ensure a competitive marketplace.

The British Prime Minister was facing pressure from the United States and some Conservative MPs in this regard who wanted to ban the Chinese company.

An official in the Trump administration has said that the decision has left the United States frustrated.

The Chinese government warned the UK that if the company was banned, other trade and investment plans could react strongly.

3 out of 4 mobile networks operating in the UK have already decided to install and use Huawei's 5G product.

Huawei will not be allowed to work on the core or heart of the Five G network.

A mobile phone network core refers to voice and other data that travels across multiple sub-networks and computer servers to the desired destination.

In contrast, radio assays can be considered different from a network core, which includes base stations and antennas that provide the connection between an individual mobile device and a core.

The US had prevented Huawei from introducing 5G networks on its territory and had raised security concerns over the fact that the company was being controlled by the Chinese government, which Huawei consistently denied.

The US government believes that Huawei's infrastructure will provide opportunities for the Chinese government to carry out espionage and destruction, and that is why Huawei Telecom devices have been banned in the US since 2012, while Australia and New Zealand have also used Huawei's 5G mobile. Supplying network devices is banned.

But US actions regarding Huawei intensified in 2018 when the Trump administration banned companies like AT&T and others from dealing with Huawei phones, while Huawei was banned by the US president in May last year.

The United States also emphasized Britain but also threatened that if it signed a deal with Huawei, the sharing of intelligence between the two countries could be limited.

British authorities, on the other hand, have pointed out that unlike the United States, the UK has been using Huawei technology for the past 15 years.

UK security agencies believe they have been able to control the risk so far and are able to do so in relation to the 5G networks.

5G technology has been introduced in several countries so far, which is being considered an important advance for future technologies like automated driving vehicles and others.


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