Air Chief Marshal Zafar Ahmed Chaudhry died

Air Chief Marshal Zafar Ahmed Chaudhry died

Posted on Dec 19, 2019

Former Chief of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Air Chief Marshal Zafar Ahmed Chaudhry died, he was suffering from ailments.

Zafar Ahmed was the 8th head of the Air Force and he served from March 3, 1972, to April 15, 1974, according to the spokesman.

On his death, Air Force Chief of the Air Staff Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan expressed deep sorrow.
Zafar Ahmed Chaudhry was one of the founding members of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, and on his death, HRCP Chairman Dr. Mehdi Hassan announced December 30 in Lahore to hold a condolence reference.

Dr. Mehdi Hassan said he was a committed human rights activist and had helped a lot in supporting the HRCP as an independent human rights organization in the mid-1980s when no such person was present And the company didn't exist.

The statement said that the Commission is obliged to assist them in setting up their secretariat in Lahore and feel the entire HRCP family, especially the friends and people with whom they worked.

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