After Death of Dr Li Wenliang with Coronavirus, demands for freedom of expression in China has emerged

After Death of Dr Li Wenliang with Coronavirus, demands for freedom of expression in China has  emerged

Demand for political reform and freedom of expression has emerged in China following the death of a doctor who first warned of the Coronavirus in China.

Dr Li Wen Liang, who lives in Wuhan, first warned about the outbreak of the virus, and he lost his life to the virus last Friday.

However, he was sentenced along with eight other doctors for spreading false rumours on early reports of the disease.

The Coronavirus has so far killed more than 800 people worldwide and the number of people infected has exceeded 37,000 while its cases have been reported in more than two dozen countries.

However, after the death of Li Wen Liang, various constituencies are demanding freedom of expression in China.

Following the death of the 34-year-old doctor, there are two 'open letters' circulating on social media demanding free speech and one of them has the signature of 10 Wuhan professors.

The letter, censored on a web site like Weibo in China, states that Dr Lee has worked tirelessly in the interest of the country and society.

The letter demanded that the ban on free speech is lifted and that all doctors, including Dr Li, who was sentenced in December to be warned of the virus, should be released.

The second letter was signed by various groups of students at the famous Te Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, demanding that the authorities provide constitutional rights to the people.

"We oppose political security as a top priority, it is the small personal interest of a small organization," the letter said.

Remember that China is imprisoned for voicing political reforms or opposing governmental measures, and such letters demanding political reforms can be a precursor to new reforms in the country.

The World Health Organization and other experts praised China's efforts to tackle the virus, saying they were taking decisive steps to prevent the virus from spreading.

However, critics reject the statement, saying that due to the slowdown and disqualification of the local government, valuable time has been overcome to control the virus.

Dr. Li was diagnosed with the Coronavirus on February 1 and claimed in late January in his post on the social media platform Weibo that the police had forced him to sign a statement saying he was back in law. Will not take infringement measures.

He said that when he saw the symptoms of the virus-like SARS in a few patients and asked his friends to take special precautions in a group chat, he was summoned by the police.

After his death, Dr. Li has become a hero in the eyes of the Chinese people and all attempts by the Hubei province to curb popularity among his people have been thwarted.

China's federal government has taken notice of the matter and announced a special team to investigate and investigate the matter.

"The clear message goes that the capital is determined to know the facts and that those responsible will be punished according to the law," the statement said.


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