After Coronavirus affected father sent to Quarantine his Disabled Boy was dead

After Coronavirus affected father sent to Quarantine his Disabled Boy was dead

Posted on Feb 5, 2020

BEIJING: A disabled child was left helpless and lonely after being sent to Quarantina by a Corona virus-affected father.

French news agency AFP reports that Yan Cheng was suffering from a cerebral palsy and wheelchair, whose father was diagnosed with fever due to fever, left homeless and alone in the house.

The 17-year-old ailing boy could neither speak nor drink and walk by himself, his mother had died many years ago, nor was there any helper in his daily affairs.

The boy's father, Yash Shiauwen, was sent to Quarantina on January 22, five days after a potentially deadly coronavirus.

He also wrote an emotional message for help on social media in which he appealed for help to look after his son.

However, a post titled 'Helping a Father Affected by the Corona Virus' came out too late and the boy died on January 29, according to a Hong Kong County government statement.

The government statement said that "Yan Shiaoyan (due to living in Quarantina) could not take care of Yin Cheng's daily life, so he entrusted the care of Yan Cheng to relatives, village residents and doctors." ۔

On the death of a disabled boy, senior officials were forced to quit their jobs, and according to one official, the local secretary and mayor of the Communist Party were fired because they had "failed to fulfil their responsibilities".

The cause of the boy's death is yet to be determined, officials added.

The tragedy has sparked outrage on social media where hubby officials are already criticizing hiding infection information.

Chinese social media website Weibo has been trending the hashtag titled 'The father of a boy with a mental paralysis of Hubei' and was read 27 million times on Tuesday morning.

The hashtag about the dismissal of the mayor was then viewed 6.6 million times.

It is thought that more than 20,000 people have been infected with the Coronavirus in China, while the death toll has exceeded 450.

The majority of the victims and victims are from Hubei Province, where the virus is spread through a market for potentially wild animals and their meat.

Virus-infected cases have surfaced in more than 2 dozen countries and most affected those who travelled to Hub.


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