Afghan President Ashraf Ghani signs presidential decree to release Taliban prisoners

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani signs presidential decree to release Taliban prisoners

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani signs presidential decree to release Taliban prisoners

A statement from the Afghan Presidential Office said details of the release of Taliban prisoners would be revealed soon, according to a foreign news agency 'Reuters'.

Afghan President's Spokesman Siddique Siddiqui tweeted, "The Afghan government has set a framework under which prisoners will be exchanged to reduce tensions."

On the other hand, the Taliban sent vehicles to the Afghan government because of the possibility of the release of their prisoners, saying that they too would hand over a thousand government prisoners in compliance with the agreement.

The senior Taliban leader in Doha said vehicles have been dispatched to the area near Bagram Prison to take Taliban prisoners.

Ashraf Ghani had sworn in as President of Afghanistan for a second term yesterday, saying that the release of prisoners with the Taliban had been finalized and a presidential decree would be issued in this regard.

It should be noted that the Afghan President, in his statement March 2, rejected the release of Taliban prisoners, saying that they did not accept the clause in the agreement between the United States and the Taliban to release prisoners.

Ashraf Ghani told media in Kabul that 'the Afghan government has made no promises regarding the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners'.

Expressing his resolve to continue partial support for the deal to establish peace in Afghanistan, he made it clear that 5,000 Taliban fighters would not be released in exchange for the release of 1,000 prisoners by the Taliban.

The Afghan president said that 'it was not within the jurisdiction of the United States, it was merely acting as a facilitator'.

The Taliban, on the other hand, reacted to the statement of the Afghan president saying that unless our 5,000 prisoners were released, inter-Afghans would not participate in the negotiations and considered it a key step towards ending the long war.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid had said that "if we do not have 5,000 prisoners released, there will be no inter-Afghan talks, there may be a reduction of 100 or 200 in which there is no problem".

Remember that a peace agreement was signed between the Afghan Taliban and the US on February 29, signed by US Representative Zalmay Khalilzad and Taliban's head of political affairs Mullah Abdul Ghani.

The United States has also begun its withdrawal from Afghanistan, taking the first step under a peace deal with the Taliban.


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