A special registration desk has been set up at the NADRA for transgender people

A special registration desk has been set up at the NADRA for transgender people

Posted on Jan 1, 2020

Islamabad: A special registration desk has been set up at the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) centres to provide health care cards to transgender people.

Addressing a press conference, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, Dr. Zafar Mirza said, "These people will only have to explain themselves and the most simple procedure will be followed in which only their personal confirmation." That would be enough, as no documentary action is required from any other office in this regard. '

 According to the report, he said that "every Khawaja Sara can get medical facilities worth Rs 7,20,000 in nearly 300 public and private hospitals on the panel".

The Assistant Special said that the Health Ministry has started issuing health cards to all eunuchs who are registered with NADRA or hold national ID cards.

He said that Nadra's new registration system will be linked to the health card issuing office so that it can be provided immediately without interruption.

"I advise all members of the denominational community to register to benefit from the health care program, in this regard, Nadra has been instructed to provide all possible support," he said.

Dr Zafar Mirza said, "Under the Health Insurance Scheme, all eunuchs can get access to health services. This health card has everything from minor illness to surgery."

He added that the government would seek the support of the leaders of the sectarian community so that they could provide guidance to other people to register with NADRA.

According to the auxiliary special, "The government is committed to protecting their basic rights and the issuance of a health card is a concern of the government's priority in improving their health. This decision will highlight Pakistan's better identity in the world".

Explaining the details of the health program, the Assistant Special Minister said that health justice cards have been provided to 68 million families and the government is trying to meet the target of half a million eligible people by the end of 2020.

He added that the health care program has been introduced in 84 districts where a total of 300 public and private hospitals are on the panel to provide health services.




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