A Plane Was Stuck in High Voltage Wires During a Flight

A Plane Was Stuck in High Voltage Wires During a Flight

Posted on Nov 26, 2019

New York: A small plane in the United States was stuck in high voltage wires during a flight, fortunately, no casualties were reported in the accident.

According to a foreign media report, the plane was flying when it crashed into high-voltage wires, after which 65-year-old pilot Thomas Kosac Wich was rescued.

The plane crashed into the wires in a manner that made the pilot's life very safe and he remained aboard. According to the report, the pilot was fortunate enough to survive the crash and he left the scene.

After the accident, the vehicles of the police, fire brigade and rescue crews arrived at the scene, which lowered the pilot and then the aircraft that was caught in the wires.

Police Officer Sheref Lok Heinen said the accident was horrible but when he saw the pilot he was walking on his own, which was a surprise to us. According to Federal Aviation, the cause of the crash could not be ascertained, but a team has been formed to investigate and submit a report soon.




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