A Palestinian state will be abolished under US formula: Shireen Mazari

A Palestinian state will be abolished under US formula: Shireen Mazari

'Palestinian state will be abolished under US formula'
ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Human Rights Sherin Mazari has said that US President Trump has planned about Palestine like South Africa, under the US formula, the Palestinian state will be abolished.
She expressed these views in the ARY News Program Power play, Shireen Mazari said that under the US formula, Palestine's security would be with Israel, and Israel would control Palestine's maritime and airspace.

The Federal Minister said that the law of controversial citizenship in India is a similar formula. Indian action on Kashmir is also like an American formula. We should also keep in mind the US, India and Israel alliance.

She said that Kashmiris have been given self-determination in UN resolutions; we have written letters about human rights to 18 strong stakeholders for relief operations in the occupied area. ICJ clearly said that disputed areas status Can't be changed, but no one is watching India's terrorist statement.

It should be noted that two days ago, Shirin Mazari addressed the assembly saying that East Timor and Kashmir issue are the same but the UN has resolved East Timor issue and not Kashmir. The Kashmir issue needs a lot of struggle right now; the Foreign Ministry alone cannot highlight the Kashmir issue. Parliamentarians should also go, the UN will have to remind Kashmir again and again.


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