A journalist Sajid Hussain Baloch from Balochistan missing in Sweden

A journalist Sajid Hussain Baloch from Balochistan missing in Sweden

Lahore: Friends and acquaintances of journalist Sajid Hussain Baloch have been surprised to learn that they have been missing from the Swedish city of Uppsala for about a month and so far they have not been traced.

Sajid Hussein Baloch is the chief editor of an online magazine Balochistan Times, whose editorial board reported Saturday that Sajid Hussein has been missing from the Swedish city of Uppsala since March 2. and the case was registered with the Swedish police on March 3.

According to a statement released to the press, 'no information about their whereabouts or their well-being' until March 28, nor has the police informed their family or friends of the progress made in the investigation.

Talking to his brother, Wajid Baloch, he said that he waited 14 days for suspicion that Sajid had not been quarantined, but after a long time, he was forced to break his silence.

It should be noted that Sajid Hussain had left the country about 8 years ago after receiving threats to kill him.

His wife, Shahnaz, said he had worked on the case of forced disappearances in Balochistan, but in 2012 he received death threats over a report exposing drug trafficker Imam Bheel.

The wife said she also felt that she was being pursued, after which, while working on an investigative story, some people in Quetta entered her house and took her laptop and papers.

The wife added that she left the country in September 2012 after the incident and did not return home after that.

His friend Taj Baloch, who lives in Sweden, said he had met Sajid Hussain's disappearance the day before, and everything seemed to be normal.

However, the next day his phone was locked and he did not answer any call, the last time he was heard while he was in the hostel office and asked for his room key and he said that he was again Call.

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Taj Baloch said that when he contacted the Uppsala police, he said that sometimes people were isolated so that no one could affect their privacy, but police insisted that a non-governmental organization of Sweden (NGO) ) After registering a case with Missing People, no progress has been made on this case.

The families, on the other hand, have no knowledge of the elements behind their disappearance but have expressed concern over how a journalist might be missing in a country like Sweden that supports freedom journalism.

The family added, "We are still confident that the Swedish authorities will not refuse to give us justice and we will certainly get an answer".

Sajid Hussain has previously been desk editor of the English newspaper The News.


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