9 more Corona virus cases confirmed in Karachi in one day

9 more Corona virus cases confirmed in Karachi in one day

Posted on Mar 10, 2020

In Karachi, the number of people affected by Coronavirus has increased to 13 in a day and today the highest number of 9 cases have been reported. In Pakistan, the total number has increased to 16 while one patient was discharged from hospital after full recovery.

According to a statement issued by the Health Department of Sindh, 8 more cases have been confirmed, of which 5 people arrived in Karachi from Syria and 3 from London arrived in Karachi last week.

The statement said that efforts were being made to reach those affected so that further tests could be done.

Earlier, Media Sindh Coordinator of Health Sindh Miran Yousuf had said that a 53-year-old Karachi-based citizen was tested and came back positive.

He said that the affected citizen had come to Doha from Syria through Syria, while all those belonging to him had been quarantined.

It may be recalled that yesterday, a case of Coronavirus was reported in Karachi which was the fourth case in Sindh. But now the number has increased to 13 and 16 in Pakistan.

A statement issued by Sindh Chief Minister Syed Media Consultant Abdul Rashid Chana said that the Corona Virus Task Force meeting was chaired by Murad Ali Shah, where the briefing was informed that 4 tests were done today regarding Coronavirus. One of the positives has come from Karachi.

The meeting was told that the Health Department of Sindh received a total of 107 samples for the test, out of which 4 came positive.

It may be recalled that the first patient, who appeared in Karachi, was discharged from the hospital two days after full recovery.

Health Department spokesman Sindh Miran Yusuf said in a message on Twitter about the patient's well-being on social networking site Twitter that "the first Coronavirus patient in Pakistan has been completely recovered and was discharged from the hospital." 

Authorities allowed the patient to be discharged from the hospital after the third test came out negative, Miran Yusuf said.

It may be recalled that the first case of Coronavirus in Pakistan came to light on February 26 in Karachi, and immediately after the assassination of Prime Minister Dr Zafar Mirza, a press conference in Quetta confirmed another case.

Later in a press conference with Firdous Ashiq Awan, Assistant Special Information and Broadcasting in Islamabad on February 29, Dr Zafar Mirza had said that two more cases of Coronavirus have been reported in Pakistan and the total number has increased to 4.

He said that one case of Coronavirus was reported in Sindh and the other in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

On the other hand, the Sindh Health Department also confirmed a new Coronavirus patient in Karachi.

Assistant Prime Minister Dr Zafar Mirza also confirmed the fifth case on March 3, after which on March 6 a 69-year-old citizen of Karachi was confirmed with the Coronavirus, the third case in Sindh and the sixth in Pakistan.

It may be recalled that the first Coronavirus outbreak occurred in China on December 19 last year and the virus has spread to 108 countries worldwide, bringing the total number of victims to over 100,000.

The Coronavirus has so far killed 3,800 deaths worldwide, while 62 thousand 53 people managed to recover from the virus and were discharged from hospitals when they were fully recovered.

China has the highest number of victims and the highest number of casualties, followed by South Korea, the second country with the highest number of victims.


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