800 bodies Died Due to Coronavirus found in the streets of Ecuadorian city

800 bodies Died Due to Coronavirus found in the streets of Ecuadorian city

Posted on Apr 13, 2020

Right now, however, authorities around the world are trying to keep the families of those killed by the Coronavirus away from the bodies of their loved ones.

However, this is a very different situation in Ecuador, South America, where people are refusing to take the bodies of their deceased loved ones and bury or burn them.

Earlier this month, news came from the coastal city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, that the bodies of those killed by the Coronavirus were lying outside the streets and gates of the house, with no one to pick them up.

US broadcaster CNN cited videos and photos from Guayaquil that said the bodies of the coroner who died in Corona remained in the streets for five days, but they smelled. They had no lifter.

Later, the city administration's office staff and the police came to pick up the bodies and bury them or burn them, and they removed the bodies from the streets and houses.

And now Goyakal police and corps officials say they have picked up 800 bodies lying outside the streets and homes since the first week of April and buried them after performing their last rites.

In its report, AFP reported that so far 800 bodies had been recovered from the city, citing the government's special team set up to lift and bury the bodies and bury or burn them.

The head of the government team said that members of the team carrying the bodies and the police from the city of Gwakal together last week raised 700 bodies and buried them by performing their last rites.

He said that since the outbreak of the Coronavirus outbreak, 800 bodies have been raised from outside the streets, streets or homes of Guayaquil until now, most of which are missing.

It is unclear how many of the dead bodies were taken from Corona, according to officials from the body-raising team.

Authorities feared that not all the dead would be killed by Corona, but because of fear, people were not ready to raise the dead bodies and even hand them over.

According to police and authorities, most of the bodies raised from Guayaquil will be lost but it has not been confirmed.

The Ecuadorian government confirmed that the Coronavirus had confirmed the death of only 330 people by the afternoon of April 13, while bodies taken from the streets and homes of Guayaquil were not counted.

By the afternoon of April 13 in Ecuador, the number of Coronavirus patients had reached 7,500.

Corona is spreading rapidly in other countries like Ecuador, and by the afternoon of April 13, the number of people infected with the outbreak had increased to 188,000 while the death toll had increased to 110,000


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