50 Crores Allocated for Controlling Locust Hearts

50 Crores Allocated for Controlling Locust Hearts

Islamabad: The Ministry of Food and Research has informed the National Assembly of National Food Security that Rs. 50 million has been allocated to control the desert locusts in Sindh and Balochistan and for this purpose one lakh tonnes of worms. Pesticides will also be imported.

 According to the report, Secretary of National Food Security and Research Hashim Popplezai briefed the Standing Committee on the steps were taken by the federal government to control the locust in both provinces.

He said planes were used for air spray in areas where large numbers of locust hearts were present.

The secretary said that locusts laid eggs in the affected areas and their larvae are likely to remain there for 2 to 3 years.

In addition, the Department of Conservation Plants sprayed 1000 hectare area of ​​Benazir District in order to control the locusts till November 20.

Another plane will be deployed for effective aviation operations against locusts in Sindh.

The Department of Conservation Plants has ample stock of insecticidal melatonin and has developed an effective and optimal action plan to control the locust.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture, locust hearts will migrate to the coastal areas of Balochistan and the department has prepared an action plan to launch an operation against the locust in Balochistan.

Department of Defense plants ready to deploy its aircraft in aerial operations to control locust hearts in Balochistan when needed



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