37 Years Have Passed Since Waheed Murad Passed Away

37 Years Have Passed Since Waheed Murad Passed Away

Waheed Murad, the chocolate hero of the Pakistani film industry, who won the hearts of the fans by playing romantic roles in a very unique way on the screen, has turned 37 years old.

Doing dozens of romantic songs with his performance, including 'Ko Ko Korina, in love we have longed for life, O Uber Karam, life was yours till now, the beauty you saw, the forgotten stories and a glance will see the Holy Prophet' Waheed Murad was born on October 2, 1938, in Karachi, the current capital of Sindh province.

Waheed Murad, who won the hearts of fans due to his acting, also got his early education from Karachi. After graduating from SM Arts College, he did his MA in English from Karachi University and his artistic journey from the film 'Olaad'. He started, in which he played the role of a supporting actor and the film won the 'Nigar Award'.

'Diamond and Stone' was Waheed Murad's first film in which he acted as a hero and for this film he also got the 'Nigar Award'. Waheed Murad first acted in the film 'Arman' made under the banner of his production in 1966. This film broke all the records at the box office. There you are and life was yours till now.

After Dilip Kumar, he was the second actor in the subcontinent to become very popular among the younger generation, but in the 1970s, he had little choice but to choose a fellow actor. Prohibited from working with Murad. When actress Shabnam got married in the future, her husband forbade her to work with Waheed Murad, and Nashu was not allowed to work with Waheed Murad.

And that led to his downfall, after which Waheed was cast by less popular directors and producers. Waheed Murad was awarded the Nigar Award in 1964 for his outstanding performances in Heera and Pathar, Arman (1966), Andalib (1969) and Mastana Mahi (1971), and the Lifetime Legend Award in 2002.

Chocolate Hero has acted in a total of 124 films, including eight Punjabi and one Pashto film, and dozens of songs from his films are still popular today.

Unfortunately, Waheed Murad had a tragic accident in 1980, in which his face was severely injured and he had to undergo plastic surgery. The uncrowned king has passed away. In November 2010, 27 years after the death of Waheed Murad, he was also awarded the Star of Distinction.


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