306 Iranian nationals returning home from Pakistan

306 Iranian nationals returning home from Pakistan

Chaghi: Pakistani authorities allow 306 Iranian nationals to return home after opening the Pak-Iran border for only four-and-a-half hours.

On the one hand, where about 200 Pakistani workers have been allowed to leave Iran by Pakistan, on the other hand about 250 Pakistani workers are trapped in Iran on the other side of the border and are appealing to the Balochistan government to take steps to repatriate them.

Meanwhile, officials of Taftan's Levies force told that there were 276 drivers and 25 traders among Iranian nationals who were trapped in Taftan following the closure of Pakistan's border.

It is thought that Pakistani authorities stopped the Coronavirus in Iran after imposing an emergency on the Pakistan-Iran border in fear of the virus coming to Pakistan.

The breakthrough came at a time when Balochistan Minister for Interior and Tribal Affairs Mir Ziaullah Lango visited the Taftan border with other ministers and officials.

On the other hand, in a video released on social networking websites, Pakistani workers trapped in Mirjawa near the Iranian border say they were stopped by Iranian authorities five days ago, and that they have not been able to provide accommodation are trapped in the cause.

In the video message, he expressed deep sorrow over the Pakistani government's decision to allow only Iranian citizens to return and demanded the opposition leader of the Balochistan Assembly Sanaullah Baloch to take up the matter with the government.

Meanwhile, the Federal Investigation Agency's (FIA) senior immigration officer told Dawn that more than 300 Iranian citizens were allowed to cross the Taftan border.

He made it clear that the border with Iran has been completely closed and that no Pakistani was allowed to come to Pakistan in Mirjawa.

In addition, government sources said that pilgrims and others would not be allowed to come to Pakistan unless they spent 14 days in Iran and then could get to Pakistan by obtaining health clearance from Iranian authorities.


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