3 Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli army

3 Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli army

Posted on Feb 7, 2020

Recent clashes and attacks between Palestine and Israel killed at least 3 Palestinians and injured several Israeli soldiers.

Last week, US President Donald Trump approved a new Middle East project that was rejected by Palestinians.

According to the News Agency Associated Press (AP), experts say that the new plan announced by Trump has clearly supported Israel, which led to the Palestinian people calling it biased and feared. The attack is likely to result in a new series of violent incidents between the two.

After the project came to light, Israeli nationalists demanded that the West Bank be annexed to Israel, and this is where Palestinians want to establish their state.

Speaking to a local news agency, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's spokesman Nabil Abu Radeen said that Trump's plan has increased tensions and tensions.

The Israeli army claims that the clashes began when a Palestinian carriage driver was speeding on Thursday and collided with a group of Israeli soldiers, injuring 12 of his soldiers.

According to Palestinian hospital sources, at least two Palestinians were killed in clashes with Israeli troops on the West Bank.

The Israeli army later claimed that they shot and killed a Palestinian man who was firing on security forces in Jerusalem.

Israeli military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Konriks said one of the 12 soldiers sustained serious injuries while the others suffered minor injuries in the attack.

Israeli police say that we consider the case a terrorist attack and that Israeli forces are looking for elements and their supporters involved in the attack.

Palestinian hospital officials say a 19-year-old man was killed and six others were injured in clashes in the western city of Jenin.

In another incident, Israeli military firing killed Palestinian security forces personnel where a 17-year-old man was killed in clashes with Israeli forces earlier on Wednesday.

An Israeli military spokesman said that the invasion of Gaza and the attack on Jerusalem reflect that the hostile activities in Jenin have increased, and we do not want more tension in view of the sensitivity and progress of the situation.

No one has claimed responsibility for the vehicle attack in Jerusalem so far, but Islamic jihad has praised the car rider who has taken action against Israeli soldiers.

An Israeli military spokesman defended the killing of Palestinians, claiming that military personnel were demolishing a house allegedly used by militants on the west coast of Gaza that some people gathered to provoke the Israeli army. And began throwing firearms which resulted in the shooting of an army sniper, killing a Palestinian.

The 19-year-old was a student at a local academy that provides training for rocks and protests against police officers, said Jinnan Governor Akram Rajab.

In addition, on Thursday, Israel fired three mortar shells on Hamas bases after a three-month period that resulted in no reports of any casualties or injuries.

Last week, US President Donald Trump announced a Middle East peace plan, saying Jerusalem (Jerusalem) would remain Israel's "undisclosed capital," while Palestinians would receive capital in East Jerusalem and the West Bank will not be split in half

Palestine rejected the plan, and the Islamic Cooperation Organization, including Pakistan, refused to recognize the plan and demanded Jerusalem (Jerusalem) be the capital of its independent state before the 1967 borders. ۔


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