3 Pakistanis Are Also Among the 2% Best Scientists in the World

3 Pakistanis Are Also Among the 2% Best Scientists in the World

The prestigious Stanford University in the United States recently released a list of the world’s top 2% of scientists. The list of 159,683 people also includes 3 Pakistani scientists who belong to the Punjab University.

The list includes Pakistani researchers Dr. Khalid Mahmood, Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences, Punjab University, Dr. Muhammad Sharif, Dean, Faculty of Science, and Dr. Muhammad Akram, Department of Mathematics.

The list includes the most cited scientists in each field of science, using data from Database Scopes, which compiles journal data. The 2% of scientists included in this list were determined on the basis of citations, including citations, H-index, and others. The results of the study were published in the journal Plus Biology and the report classified 22 scientific disciplines and 176 sub-disciplines.

Speaking to The Independent Urdu, Dr. Khalid Mahmood, who joined the list, said that it was a great honor for him and his colleagues to be selected in spite of millions of articles in international research.

He said that research papers of 81 professors of Pakistani universities were included in this list. "Joining this list will also improve the global ranking of our universities," he said.


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