3 major agreements were signed between Malaysia and Pakistan, Foreign Minister

3 major agreements were signed between Malaysia and Pakistan, Foreign Minister

Kuala Lumpur: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who is visiting Malaysia with Prime Minister Imran Khan, said there were 3 agreements between Pakistan and Malaysia.

In an exclusive interview in Malaysia, the Foreign Minister said that it is the most important offender extradition treaty under which if a citizen of both countries commit a crime and take refuge in each other's country, it will be possible to extradite him.

The second is the Social Protection Agreement, he said. About 82,000 Pakistanis work as labourers in Malaysia who have had no recourse in the past if someone was killed, disabled or suffering from an accident. Then he was given a very modest amount.

However, if a Pakistani worker is killed under this agreement, the family will continue to receive pensions according to their salary. Likewise, if someone becomes disabled due to his work or suffers from an illness, he will get relief from it.

The Foreign Minister said that I am happy to report that remittances from Malaysia have increased by 35% and $ 1.55 billion is transferred to Pakistan.

Talking about the Kuala Lumpur summit, the Foreign Minister said that there was a lot of good discussions.

He said that with regard to Kuala Lumpur, the Prime Minister of Pakistan made clear his position that our purpose was not to split Ummah and establish a parallel organization, but our objective was economic co-operation and development and to see how we could be a mutual one.

For this purpose, our joint television project is pending which will go ahead and the Prime Minister removes all ambiguity in this regard at the press conference.


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