2 Sindh Health Officers convicted of sexual harassment

2 Sindh Health Officers convicted of sexual harassment

KARACHI: In its second verdict, the Ombudsman harassment convicted two officers of Sindh Health Department for harassing their female colleagues.

Official sources said that the Sindh Ombudsman for Protection of Women at Workplace (protection of women against sexual harassment in the workplace) fined one lakh rupees on one of the accused after prolonged two-year operation. While the development of the post of another accused has stopped for 3 years.

Sources say this is the second such decision in a month on charges of harassment by government officials.

The Sindh Ombudsman made the decision in his office in the presence of female complainants, one accused and another accused lawyer.

Sources said that in March 2018, a female officer was Dr Iqbal Hussain Chandio, provincial director of the National Program for Maternal and Child and Child Health (MNCHP), and Dr Ashiq Hussain, supervising and supervising officer of the same program. An alleged sexual harassment petition was filed against Shah.

The Ombudsman convicted the two accused after hearing the arguments from both sides.

The Ombudsman said in its judgment, "My point of view in light of the factual and circumstantial discussions on the facts is that the complainant, under section 2 of the Protection of Women from Sexual Harassment Act, 2010 against the two accused. They have proven their allegations of sexual harassment, harassment and creating harassment. '

In the judgment, Dr Iqbal Hussain Chandio was convicted under sub-section (4) of the Act 2010, the complainant was ordered to pay compensation of Rs one lakh within 30 days of issuing the order from the Ombudsman. ۔

In addition, allegations made by a provincial health official on another officer were proved during the hearing.

Earlier this month, the Sindh Ombudsman ordered the dismissal of the head of the National Institutes of Health's cardiovascular health and two subordinates on charges of harassing their female colleagues during a detailed investigation.

It is to be noted that Parliament passed a law on harassment of women in the workplace in 2009, which was signed by the then President Asif Ali Zardari in 2010.

In July 2012, the Sindh government appointed retired district and session judges as the provincial ombudsman and thus Sindh became the first province in the country to provide a legal forum for women to complain about sexual harassment in the workplace.



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