The Teaser of the Official Anthem of PSL 2022 Has Been Released

The Teaser of the Official Anthem of PSL 2022 Has Been Released

The first glimpse of the official anthem of the seventh edition of the HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) has been released.

Renowned singer Atif Aslam and singer Aima Baig will evoke the magic of their voices for this anthem while composer Abdullah Siddiqui has composed it.

The official anthem for PSL 2022 will be officially released on January 24 and will be played on venues before and during the matches.

The anthem title was mentioned on PSL's Twitter account, which is 'Aage Dekh', while it was also stated that its teaser had been released on TikTok.

The teaser was not released on the official Twitter account, but other social media network users tweeted the teaser.

The anthem expresses cricket supporters' excitement for hosting PSL 7 and will provide entertainment for cricket lovers throughout the world, especially those in Pakistan.

This will be the first time Atif Aslam will sing the official anthem of the Pakistan Super League. At the same time, Aima Baig has also awakened the magic of art in the official anthem of the last edition, 'Grove Meera'.


Producer Abdullah Siddiqui stated that writing the PSL anthem is a dream come true for any musician, and he thanks PCB for the honour.

He went on to say that both Atif Aslam and Aima Baig are well-known vocalists and that he is honoured to collaborate with them on this song.

According to Abdullah Siddiqui, he sought to write an anthem that reflects the passion of the game. He is confident that cricket enthusiasts would enjoy this song.

The Pakistan Super League began in 2015, and Ali Zafar performed the opening song.

PSL First's song 'Ab Khel Ke Dakha' in Ali Zafar's voice was well received, and as a result, Ali Zafar's voice was used in the first three PSL songs.

'Ab Khel Jame Ga,' Ali Zafar's second PSL song, was released in January 2017, and 'Dil Se Jan Laga De,' Ali Zafar's third PSL song, was released in January 2018, and all three of Ali Zafar's songs were well received.

'Khel Deewana Ka,' the fourth song in the PSL, was released in January 2019 and featured actor Fawad Khan and the Young Desi Band.

PSL Fifth song, 'Tiyar Hai' was released in January 2020 with singers Ali Azmat, Arif Lohar, Asim Azhar, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan and Haroon Rashid.

PSL Fifth song was also heavily criticized, while PSL sixth song, 'Grove Meera', was also severely criticized by the fans.


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