The Teaser of Ali Zafar's Song 'Bhai Hazir Hai' Released

The Teaser of Ali Zafar's Song 'Bhai Hazir Hai' Released

Posted on Dec 21, 2020

Leading Pakistani actor and singer Ali Zafar has released a teaser for his new and first rap song 'Bhai Hazir Hai'.

The teaser of Ali Zafar's rap song was recently released on his YouTube channel, in which he starts singing in a rap style, starting with his singing career and ending with Pakistan as his glory. The teaser of this song by singer Ali Zafar is being liked by the fans.

The singer also released the teaser on his Instagram account in which he is seen singing 'Bhai Hazir Hai'. The teaser released on Instagram has been viewed more than 127,000 times so far and fans are now waiting for the song to be released.

It may be recalled that 'Bhai Hazir Hai' was first used by singer Ali Zafar when the anthem of the fifth season of Pakistan Super League (PSL) was criticized by consumers. However, after being criticized by consumers, Ali Azmat had claimed in his interview without giving his name that the singer who sang PSL anthems bought some bloggers and criticized their songs 'Tiyar Ho'.

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After which a humorous video statement of Ali Zafar came to light in this regard in which he said that if anyone has any problem in the world, the reason is none other than him. In his video, Ali Zafar had said, "If there is any problem in your life, no marital problem, no social problem, no business, no singing, no event, then you are not responsible for it at all." '

He jokingly said, "I'm responsible for that because I'm so powerful. I have bloggers on parole. Brother John, what is Cambridge Analytica?" What is Trump? Who elected Trump? Your brother, then put a dartboard in your room and put a picture of me on it and get up every morning and hit it and lighten your heart, your anger will be less.

"If you want me to come and stand there myself and you kill me, then there is a brother," he advised. Since then, Ali Zafar had also released the song 'Mela Loot Liya' at the insistence of PSL fans.

Later in November, Ali Zafar, along with young singer Urooj Fatima and rapper Abid Brohi, released the popular folk song 'Ale, Maroira' in Sindh for decades. Ali Zafar, along with Urooj Fatima and Abid Brohi, performed 'Allay (Munja Mar Wara)', one of the most popular folk songs of Sindh, in a modern way at a time when preparations were underway to celebrate 'Sindhi Cultural Day'


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